Podcast: “The Russo-Ukraine Conflict and the Law of War”

This edition of the videos from Duke’s 28th Annual National Security Law Conference addresses one of the most important topics in international law today: The Russo-Ukraine Conflict and the Law of War

Moderated by retired Army colonel Dave Graham, a Senior Fellow at Georgetown Law’s Center on National Security, the all-star panel included professors Geoff Corn, of Tech University School of Law; Laurie Blank, of Emory University School of Law; and Rob Lawless of the Department of Law at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

And, wow, the panel covered a lot of ground!  The topics includes such things as the scope of collective self-defense, the role of the Security Council in the face of a rogue member, the law of neutraility (to include “qualified neutrality”), co-belligrency, war crimes and war crime tribunals, and much more…including an animated discussion about the enforcement (or not) of  international law.

Again, the video is found here, so take the opportunity to hear from the experts!

Remember what we like to say on Lawfire®: gather the facts, examine the law, evaluate the arguments – and then decide for yourself! 

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