Happy Holidays from Lawfire!

Peace is something we think a lot about in connection with national security.  We hope and pray for peace with other countries, but also in our country, in our communities and in our homes – and lives.  This holiday season we at Lawfire wish you peace – and a time of enjoyment and cheer!

Let’s keep in our prayers all the members of the U.S. military, including especially the more than 173,000 American troops who will be overseas this holiday season serving on about 750 installations, located in at least 80 countries

In a real way, they and all the troops everywhere have given us a gift of their service, and that helps keep us all free.  That gift extends to many of our allies, as the  U.S. is bound by treaties to defend a quarter of humanity.”  Fortunately, unlike so many of our adversaries, the U.S. is blessed with the opportunity to serve alongside terrific allied militaries.

If you want to know more about Holiday troop traditions, check out the Department of Defense website found here. Children may enjoy seeing how the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracks Santa, and hearing how American and Canadian little ones describe the process! (Click the Santa ornament found here),

As Military.com reports, this year “Santa may need to put his reindeer on high alert this Christmas Eve to ensure he doesn’t collide with another high-flying object this year — NASA’s long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope.”  The telescope is the largest ever attempted to be put in orbit, weighing in at over seven tons.  It’s due to be launched Saturday morning

No worries, however:  Military.com says NORAD spokeswoman Air Force Capt. Sable Brown assured them “Santa is an excellent pilot, and he certainly can maneuver and dodge anything that flies his way.”  Good to know!

Have a wonderful Holiday, and all the best for the New Year!


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