Podcast: A panel discussion of “lawfare” in the 21st century (and a bonus podcast on AI!)

What does lawfare mean – or should mean – in the 21st century?  Today’s podcast can help to answer that question and more for you.

The podcast arose from an extensive panel discussion about lawfare that was part of the May 2021 Cyber Law Symposium, hosted by the Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School.  

Moderated by Lt Col Jeff Garber, I was honored to join Professor Orde Kittrie, the author of Lawfare: Law as a Weapon of War, and Professor Adam Oler, a popular speaker at our Center on Law Ethics and National Security annual conferences, and currently a professor at the National War College. 

A video of our dialogue on “lawfare” is now available here.

“Lawfare” can mean different things to different people, but this panel may help you understand the concept and, most importantly, how it might be most productively be understood and employed today.   Again, you can watch/listen here.

Bonus:  Another Symposium panel addressed “AI & the Law of War” – this was a really excellent and fascinating panel, and it is available here.

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