Shortbursts: Update on the military justice debate; request for resumes; and awards!

“Shortbursts” is a occasional feature of Lawfire® that aims to bring you up to date with bursts of information on a variety of topics and/or advise you of a happening you may find of interest.  

More on the legislative effort to hobble commanders’ disciplinary authority

As Lawfire® readers may recall, I recently wrote a postDon’t hobble the military justice authority and responsibility of America’s commanders.”  What’s new is that Prof and Army Maj. Jordan Stapley (writing in his personal capacity) have just penned an important essay:Military justice reform: The ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’ Act.

Here’s a portion:

“In fact, almost all credible studies of the problem of sexual assault in the military point to a very different conclusion: that this change is more symbolic than necessary. Symbolism, of course, can be positive. But what is troubling is that from the perspective of future victims of sexual assault this change might actually make it less likely their cases will ever see the inside of a military courtroom.”

To understand why they come to that quite significant conclusion, be sure to read the full piece (found here).

Sure, it’s a tough road against long odds to try to get the facts ‘out there’ before the commanders’ authority and responsibility for morale and discipline is dangerously compromised by the proposed legislation, but it does seem like at least some people are having second thoughts as this Jun 3 article suggestsMilitary leaders wary of changes in sexual assault policy.”

Request for resumes!

Mr. Bill Carranza, the Senior Associate Deputy General Counsel (Intelligence) for the Department of Defense, asked me to pass on information about what might develop into a fantastic opportunity for the right person.

The full announcement is found here, but take a glance at part of it:

REQUEST FOR RESUMES The Office of the General Counsel, Department of Defense (DoD), is reviewing the resume file for potential candidates for a number of Schedule A, Excepted Service, attorney positions that are under the supervision of the Deputy General Counsel (Intelligence) and support the intelligence and security practice areas. Individuals interested in being considered are invited to review the notice at This is not a vacancy announcement.

LENS speaker honored!!!

I’m thrilled to tell you that my friend, retired Air Force colonel Dawn Zoldi, a favorite speaker at our Center on Law, Ethics and National Security (LENS) annual conferences, was just selected as of one of the Top 62 Women in Aerospace and Aviation to Follow On LinkedIn.

I was able to catch Dawn (she’s very busy these days!) and she had some comments for us about this extemely exiciting recognition:

Col. Dawn Zoldi, USAF (Ret.)

“What an honor and a privilege to have been recognized in this way, especially as I’ve only been full-time focused on my business, P3 Tech Consulting for 3 months!

So thankful to my mentors (*Maj Gen Dunlap included), family, colleagues and partners. Congratulations to all those on the list.  Please follow me and these amazing women on LinkedIn and other social media, if you are not doing so already.”

Way to go Dawn!!!! Expect to see many more big things from her!!!

Blog award!

I’m especially pleased and proud to tell you that my wife (Joy) won 3rd place in the Blogs category of the Foundations Awards at the 2021 Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference for her blogSpeaking Joyfully.”  Her blog’s theme isLife is Better when it’s full…Joy-full, Thank-full, Purpose-full and Friend-full!and, ICYMI, her wonderful Memorial Day post is found here.

Here are some comments from Joy (and she too is very busy these days!)

Joy Dunlap
June 2, 2021

“How exciting – and humbling- it was for my blog “Speaking Joyfully” to get recognized.  My heart is full of thanksgiving to God for the opportunity to write words of encouragement.  I’m grateful to all those who encourage me on this journey including the contest judges, conference leaders and speakers, blog subscribers, other writers, friends and family.”

The Dunlap family is extremely excited about this wonderful recognition!




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