Top ten most popular Lawfire posts in 2018, and more!

A very wide range of national and, really, international security issues confronted the U.S. and the world in 2018, and Lawfire® readers got a unique perspective on many of them. Here are the top ten posts that most interested readers across the globe in 2018:

1.) Can Presidents ‘fire’ senior military officers? Generally, yes…but it’s complicated.

2.) No, we are not spending “as much on our military as all other countries combined” – and other facts about the defense budget you should know.

3.) What does the law say about putting troops on the border?

4.) Disasters and Emergencies: Legal authorities and the military’s role.

5.) Why we ought to have a military appreciation parade.

6.) Have Presidents ever given the military illegal orders? Yes; the surprising list…and more about the law of military orders.

7.) Yes, the attack on Syria was justifiable, and international law will benefit from it.

8.) Assessing the legal case for the use of force against North Korea: is “armistice law” a factor?

9.) Does the Constitution really require the military to induct everyone who wants to join?

10.) A Life Too Short Leaves a Lesson and Legacy.

Several of the above posts are actually from 2017 or earlier, but remained very popular in 2018. This is encouraging because to Lawfire® aims to be a blog with ‘staying power’ with posts of long-term interest to you (and perhaps be a starting point for your own research).  Below are 18 of my favorite 2018 posts (in chronological order):  

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