Why we should add more “car control” to “gun control” to save teens

Over on The Hill I have a new essay entitled “Want to save teens? Driving restrictions could save at least as many lives as gun control in which I argue for teen driving restrictions in addition to the gun control measures being demanded in the aftermath of the Parkland high school shooting tragedy.  Motor vehicle accidents are, after all, the biggest killer of teens.

As you might imagine, I didn’t write the headline for The Hill essay, but just to be clear, I think we need both reasonable gun control regulations as well as additional driving restrictions (“car control” measures if you will) in order to tackle the perils facing teens.

We may be at something of an inflection point where we can leverage the righteous outrage over the heart-breaking deaths at Parkland into a comprehensive approach that saves many lives.

Still, as we like to say on Lawfire, check the facts, consider the argument, and make your own decision!


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