13 most popular Lawfire posts of 2017?

As Lawfire readers know, 2017 brought a multitude of very diverse national security challenges, along with a horde of legal questions, debates…and, yes, political drama.

Sadly, it also came with the loss of military members who gave their lives in service to their country both in overseas conflicts and stateside tragedies.  Fortunately, it additionally showed the promise of the future as energetic and talented young people contributed their skills and knowledge in government service.

Lawfire readers across the globe read about these topics and more.  Here are the 13 posts of 2017 that most interested readers:

  1. A Life Too Short Leaves a Lesson and Legacy
  1. Can Presidents ‘fire’ senior military officers? Generally, yes…but it’s complicated
  1. No, we are not spending “as much on our military as all other countries combined” – and other facts about the defense budget you should know
  1. Sadly, we have to expect more civilian casualties if ISIS is to be defeated
  1. Yes, the attack on Syria was justifiable, and international law will benefit from it
  1. Have Presidents ever given the military illegal orders? Yes; the surprising list…and more about the law of military orders
  1. What is the “First Tool of 21st Century Warfare” and what can we do about it?
  1. Assessing the legal case for the use of force against North Korea: is “armistice law” a factor?
  1. Two terrific happenings for the Air Force!
  1. What do Sally Yates, Jack Goldsmith, and Kirk Douglas have to do with each other? Read on.
  1. Guest Post: BG Chuck Pede’s response to Gene Fidell’s essay on operational mishaps and military justice
  1. White phosphorus sometimes can be lawfully employed as an anti-personnel weapon…but should it ever be used that way?  (Probably not, but maybe.)
  1. Guest Post by Aurel Sari and Michael Schmitt: Is it lawful to destroy the enemy? Some thoughts on the current British debate

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