LENS is hosting a luncheon for Avril Haines

I’m pleased to announce that LENS is hosting a luncheon for Ms. Avril Haines on Monday, September 25th.  Ms. Haines, a Georgetown Law Center grad, has had an extraordinary career in national security.  Here’s just a portion of her bio from Wikipedia:

Avril Haines

[She]was the first female White House Deputy National Security Advisor, serving in Barack Obama‘s administration. She previously served as Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the first woman to hold this position. Prior to her appointment to the CIA, she served as Deputy Counsel to the President for National Security Affairs in the Office of White House Counsel. 

I hasten to add that Avril is also a very nice person, and I had the good fortune to run into her at the Aspen Security Forum in July where she was a panelist (and she was brilliant).  This will be a great event, and one I’m really looking forward to hosting.

Although the guest list is full at the moment, any Duke Law student (or a law student at another institution) wanting to attend is invited to send me an email at dunlap@law.duke.edu as we are establishing a waiting list.

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