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Cathy Li

  • Graduation Year: 2016 (current Junior)
  • Major/ Field of Study: Double Major in Physics and Philosophy
  • Academic/Research Interests: Research in spatiotemporal behaviorĀ of reservoir computing in optical system. Future career plans are still to be discovered


David Builes

  • Graduation Year: 2016 (current Junior)
  • Major / Field of Study: Double Major in Math and Philosophy
  • Academic/Research Interests: David Builes is currently planning to pursue his interests in mathematics by attending graduate school. He is particularly interested in mathematical logic.


Diego Nogales

  • Graduation Year: 2016 (current Junior)
  • Major/ Field of Study: Computer Science Major and Finance Minor
  • Academic/Research Interests: Diego Nogales is currently pursuing a career in the financial services industry and is interested in the development of big data and how it is growing into a new industry of a combination between data analytics and finance focused algorithms.


Greg Lyons

  • Graduation Year: 2017 (current Sophomore)
  • Major/Field of Study: Computer Science Major
  • Academic/Research Interests: Interested in web and software development, human-computer interaction, and the use of algorithms and data to make predictive models.


Norma De Jesus

  • Graduation Year: 2018 (current Freshman)
  • Major / Field of Study: Evolutionary Anthropology Major and Global Cultural Studies Minor
  • Academic/Research Interests: Norma De Jesus is interested in how people have created an impact on this earth. By studying evolutionary anthropology, she hopes to better understand both the unique biological and cultural aspects that compose the human race and its evolution throughout time.


Pooja Mehta

  • Graduation Year: 2017 (current Sophomore)
  • Major/ Field of Study: Biology and Global Health Major
  • Academic/Research Interests: Pooja Mehta is doing a cost benefit analysis of utilizing Google in everyday life




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