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Our Objectives

  1. Provide educational resources for curricular development at Duke, Durham Public Schools, and Durham communities
  2. Increase interactions and communication between all communities
  3. Provide demographics, mapping, photos, and personal stories that increase knowledge about established businesses, support networks, and community diversity within Latino communities in Durham
  4. Provide positive promotion of Latino businesses and build clientele
  5. Link to other projects that have relevant content to increase access to resources


Many thanks to the community participants, Duke students, and Duke faculty.

Organizational Team

Ivan Almonte
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Nicolas Eilbaum
Roselia Flores
Elise Muelle
Katushka Olave
Channa Pickett
Yuridia Ramírez
Katie Spencer
David Stein
Amy Unell

Duke Students and Faculty

Spanish 303: “Introduction to Cultural Studies” with Rebecca Ewing
Spanish 308S: “Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond” with Eileen Anderson
Spanish 313: “Bridging Cultures” with Bethzaida Fernández
Spanish 390S: “Spanish in the United States” with Joan Munné
Spanish 390S: “Identity and Linguistics Human Rights” with Liliana Paredes
House Course 59.14: “The Ever-Expanding Barrio” with Joan Clifford


Ana Fernández
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