NC Justice Center Releases DACA Update Online










The North Carolina Justice Center has released a follow-up to the DACA webinar made in July 2020. Since there were two important developments in the news since the webinar happened, the NC Justice Center added to the recorded video with the updated information. You can see the video here:

On June 18th, a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court undid the Trump Administration’s termination of DACA. The the NC Justice Center’s Immigrant & Refugee Rights team put together this webinar to discuss the decision and its effect on DACA applicants.

Watch to learn more about the risks and obstacles that first-time DACA applicants may face if they decide to apply. In addition, the video discusses how people with DACA could be eligible for work visas as well as the measures pending in Congress to give DACA recipients more permanent immigration status in the U.S.

This video DOES NOT substitute for legal advice. It is intended to helps inform people’s decisions if they’re thinking about applying.

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