Durham is rich in language diversity.

As we continue to grow, so does the diversity of the languages of the people who come to live here. Click on the links below to explore language websites in Spanish, French, Arabic, Persian, Haitian Creole, and Chinese:

Latinos in/en Durham

Explore the diversity of the Latino/a community in Durham through interviews, videos, photos, and podcasts.

French in Durham

Entrepreneurs, scientists, refugees, and artists share their experiences about living in the Durham community.

Arabic Communities

Listen to Iraqi, Palestinian, Sudanese, and Syrian experiences of displacement and migration.

Persian in the Triangle

Watch video interviews conducted in Persian with Iranian refugees and asylum seekers.

Haitian Creole

Explore language lessons and interviews with Haitians living in North Carolina.

Chinese in Durham

Chinese Americans have been migrating to the US since the last century. Explore their stories on this site.