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Superstar graduate student in Cell & Molecular Biology Robin Perelli has won the 2022 American Heart Association Young Investigator Award competition through the Young Hearts Council!


Dr. Landstrom has received a 5-year NIH R01 from NHLBI to study the role of the Na/K-ATPase ATP1A3 in the heart and to determine how mutations in the gene cause cardiac arrhythmias and sudden death


Duke Medical Student, and Duke Basic Science Research Track scholar, Mary Moya-Mendez has won the 2022 Colins’ Kids Award


Rockstar post bac, and Lab Manager, Leonie Kurzlechner has won the 2022 Clinical/Translational Science Young Investigator award as part of the 15th Annual Courts K. Cleveland, Jr. SADS Foundation Award in Cardiac Channelopathies


The Landstrom Lab has received the 2021 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award to support work to understand the causes of arrhythmic cardiomyopathy with a goal of targeting new therapies for the disease


The Landstrom Lab has received the John Taylor Babbit Foundation Research Award



The Landstrom Lab has been awarded a 3-year award from the Single Ventricle Research Fund of Additional Ventures to explore the molecular basis of single ventricle congenital heart disease. It will establish a multi-disciplinary research team including Drs. Joe Turek and Nick Andersen – Duke Children’s congenital heart surgeons.



Checkout a brave family, the Hortals, as they share their journey of care at Duke following Pablo’s sudden cardiac arrest. Their interview was part of the 27th Annual Mix101.5 Radiothon for Duke Children’s.



We are sad to see Jordan Ezekian leave the lab, but we're excited that she's going on to do great things at Sick Kids!


Congratulations to Leonie, Ellen, and Angela for graduating from Duke University! We are so proud of what you've done!


Listen to a recent local NPR story about a cardiac arrest of an athlete in Winston Salem who was resuscitated and was evaluated by Dr. Landstrom at Duke.


Congratulations to Lexy Markunas and Alexander Behura for receiving the Duke Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship!


We welcome genetic counselor Ruth Lehan, CGC, and T32 Awardee, to the team!


Congratulations to Amy Berkman, MD, for receiving the 2020 Duke Pediatric Research Scholars Award!


Congratulations to Leonie Kurzlechner for becoming a student member of the NIH’s Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC-PEG)!


Congratulations to Jordan Ezekian, MD, a TL1 Fellow and recent pediatric cardiology fellowship graduate, for passing the board and becoming an American Board of Pediatrics-certified Pediatric Cardiologist!


We welcome Michael Rosamilia, Duke Medical Student, to the lab as part of the Duke CTSA Clinical Research Training Program


Dr. Landstrom has been awarded one of the 2020 Clinical Scientist Development Awards through the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.


We welcome Duke Pediatric Research Scholar, and R38-awardee, Amy Berkman, MD, to the lab!


Congratulations to Jordan Ezekian, MD, for receiving the inaugural Duke Pediatrics YT Chen Award for “outstanding contributions to discovery in science”!


Congratulations to Lexy Markunas and Ellen Mines, Duke Undergraduates, for each receiving the Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship awards!


Congratulations to Jordan Ezekian, MD, for receiving a research award from Colin’s Kids!


We are privileged to be part of a story with UNC-TV about a brave family with a dangerous heart disease on a quest for answers. See More


We welcome Duke CMB Graduate Student Robin Perelli to the lab.


Like nearly all academic centers and medical centers, we are currently weathering the COVID-19 outbreak.


We are happy to host a film crew from UNC-TV to shoot an upcoming episode of Sci NC.


Chichi Ogbonna, post bac student, presents his summer project for the Duke BIGGER Program.


Poster presentations by Jordan Ezekian and Rakesh Manivannan were very well received at the 2019 AHA Scientific Sessions.


Lexy (left) and Raga (right) present posters at the 2019 Children’s Health Discovery Initiative Research Showcase.


We are excited to have an on-going research collaborative with the Duke Undiagnosed Disease Network to identify the causes of sudden death in some of our most challenging families feature in a "long read" by WIRED.


Dr. Landstrom has won the 2019 Cardiomyopathy Early Career Research Award from the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation.  We are very excited to partner with the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation and the American Academy of Pediatrics to explore the causes of heart muscle diseases in newborns.


We welcome Duke undergraduate Isa Lu to redesign our website!


We welcome Raga Suresh, MBBS, a visiting post-doctoral research fellow, to the lab!


We have moved to newly renovated laboratory space in the first floor of the Clinical and Research Laboratory (CARL) building which houses the Duke Cardiovascular Research Center.
Updated directions of how you can find us, and an interactive maps, are located here.


We are excited to welcome Jordan Ezekian, MD, a Duke pediatric cardiology fellow to the lab.  She is supported through a competitive CTSA TL1 Post-Doctoral Training Program fellowship through the Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute.


We are excited to announce a partnership with Colin's Kids through the Andrew King Research Award to explore the mechanisms of post-operative arrhythmias in children.


We welcome Qixin Yang, MD, a visiting post-doctoral research fellow, to the lab!


We congratulate Rakesh Manivannan, MBBS, who has matched into internal medicine at West Virginia University.


Our research was highlighted in the Duke Research Blog in an article entitled "Using Genetic Clues to Reform Cardiac Care" by Anne Littlewood.


We welcome Duke undergraduates extraordinaire Leonie Kurzlechner, Ellen Mines, and Angela Renne to the lab.


Dr. Landstrom has won the 2018 American Heart Association Young Investigator Award from the Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young.


We welcome Duke undergraduate extraordinaire Lexy Markunas to the lab.


With the help of visiting physician-scientist Rakesh Manivannan, MBBS, we are beginning to build our lab's website.