Welcome to the Language, Arts + Media Program Lab at the Thompson Writing Program

In the LAMP Lab, our focus is on curricular innovation that aligns with Duke’s overall investment in cultivating thoughtful, critically reflective, civically-minded students who can communicate with a range of audiences and contribute meaningfully to the world around them. We aim to spark dialogue within the TWP and across Duke around the opportunities and responsibilities we have teaching undergraduates in the digital age.

The LAMP lab is exploring three areas:

1. Research as critical evaluation across media. Includes teaching students to make informed decisions about different types of sources and the critical consumption of media, such as  print, video, audio, images, and social media.

2. Composing across media. Includes teaching students how to create and communicate knowledge across media, including alphabetic text (written essay), audio (podcast), image (photo essay),  video (digital story),  face-to-face presentation and conversation (research panel, roundtable, Pecha Kucha).

3. Public engagement. Includes helping students understand and gain practice in participatory citizenship through creating and sharing knowledge with publics beyond the classroom.

LAMP Lab fellows will blog about their LAMP-enhanced courses throughout the semester. Each LAMP course includes  an explicit connection to one or more of the three LAMP domains above,  a specific learning goal and assignment related to that domain, and an assessment strategy.

For more information about LAMP Lab goals, read  Director Jennifer Ahern-Dodson’s conversation with Duke Today here.

Teaching 21st Century Literacies + Digital Citizenship