Selected Publications

Ocean salinity and the global water cycle

Li, L., R. W. Schmitt, and C. C. Ummenhofer (2016): The role of the subtropical North Atlantic water cycle in the 2015 Southern US extreme rainfall events. Revision in review for Clim. Dyn. [Manuscript available upon request]

Li, L., R. W. Schmitt, C. C. Ummenhofer, and K. B. Karnauskas (2016): North Atlantic salinity as a predictor of Sahel rainfall. Science Advances2, e1501588 [Link].

Li, L., R. W. Schmitt, C. C. Ummenhofer, and K. B. Karnauskas (2016): Implications of North Atlantic sea surface salinity for summer precipitation over the US Midwest: Mechanisms and predictive values. J. Climate, 29, 3143-3159 [Link].

Variability of the regional water cycle

Li, L., W. Li, and A. P. Barros (2013): Atmospheric moisture budget and its regulation of the summer precipitation variability over the Southeastern United States. Clim. Dyn.41, 613-631 [Link].

Li, L., and W. Li (2015): Thermodynamic and dynamic contributions to future changes in regional precipitation variance: Focus on the Southeastern United States. Clim. Dyn.45, 67-82 [Link].

Subtropical high

Li, L., W. Li, and Y. Kushnir (2012): Variation of North Atlantic Subtropical High western ridge and its implication to the Southeastern US summer precipitation. Clim. Dyn.39,1401-1412 [Link].

Li, W., L. Li, M. Ting, and Y. Liu (2012): Intensification of Northern hemisphere summertime near-surface subtropical highs in a warming climate. Nature Geosciences5, 830-834 [Link].


Bayesian model for extreme precipitation events

Li, L., and W. Li (2013): Southeastern United States summer rainfall framework and its implication for seasonal prediction. Environ. Res. Lett.8, 044017 [Link].