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Welcome to the Kumah Nanoscale Synthesis and Characterization Laboratory. The Kumah Research Group at Duke uses state-of-the-art atomic layer-by-layer deposition techniques including molecular beam epitaxy to fabricate thin crystalline oxide films. The group is focused on

  • Understanding how atomic-scale structural distortions at interfaces can be manipulated to induce novel electronic and magnetic phenomena
  • Developing pathways for harnessing these unique functionalities for electronic and energy applications.
Tools used by the group include angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, electron diffraction, and synchrotron-based X-ray spectroscopy and diffraction.


Kumah lab group at Duke. Summer 2024

We are looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students interested in  joining our group. Please contact Dr. Divine Kumah to discuss potential projects.

Lab News

June 2024: New papers posted to ArxiV:

June 2024: Two new papers posted to ArxiV:

  • Merve Baksi, DP Kumah, The structure of Ferroelectric BaBiO3/BaTiO3 Interfaces grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy  arXiv preprint arXiv:2405.17856 (June 2024)
  • [64] Xuanyi Zhang, A Al-Tawhid, P Schafer, Z Zhang, DP Kumah The role of interfacial interactions and oxygen vacancies in tuning magnetic anisotropy in LaCrO3/LaMnO3 heterostructures, .arXiv preprint arXiv:2403.03764 (March 2024. Accepted Advances Materials Interfaces (June 2024))
April 2023: Two new papers are out in Advanced Science and Advanced Materials
  • [60]Ankit Negi, Alejandro Rodriguez, Xuanyi Zhang, Andrew H. Comstock, Cong Yang,Dali Sun, Xiaoning Jiang, Divine Kumah, Ming Hu, and Jun Liu, Thickness-dependent thermal conductivity and phonon mean free path distribution in single-crystalline barium titanate. Advanced Science 2023, 2301273 (Adv. Sci.2023, 2301273)
  • [59]Ankit Negi, Hwang Pill Kim, Zilong Hua, Anastasia Timofeeva, Xuanyi Zhang, Yong Zhu, Kara Peters, Divine Kumah, Xiaoning Jiang, Jun Liu, Ferroelectric Domain Wall Engineering Enabled Thermal Modulation in PMN‐PT Single Crystals, Advanced Materials adma.202211286 (2023)
February 2023: Two new papers are out in Science Advances and Advanced Engineering Materials
  •  Ethan G. Arnault, Athby H. Al-Tawhid, Salva Salmani-Rezaie, David A. Muller, Divine P. Kumah, Mohammad S. Bahramy, Gleb Finkelstein and Kaveh Ahadi, Anisotropic superconductivity at KTaO3(111) interfaces. Science Advances 9, eadf1414(2023)
  • N. Yang, X. Zhang, L. Reynolds, D. Kumah, C. Xu, The Role of Carbon Content: A Comparison of the Nickel Particle Size and Magnetic Property of Nickel/Polysiloxane-Derived Silicon Oxycarbide Advanced Engineering Materials 2023, 2201453 (January 2023)