Laboratory in Sensation and Perception

Sensation and perception is the study of how we detect and interpret information from the world around us, which allows us to interact with an ever-changing environment. In addition to broadening students’ conceptual understanding of sensation and perception, and the biological mechanisms that enable these cognitive functions, this course focused on developing their scientific literacy in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

The Catholic University of America, Fall 2014

PSY 471 Syllabus F14

CUA Evals F14

The Catholic University of America, Fall 2013

PSY 471 Syllabus F13

CUA Evals F13



Student ratings from Fall 2013 (Blue) and Fall 2014 (Yellow) were high for both the course and the instructor.  Ratings for both semesters exceeded the CUA School of Arts & Sciences mean in Fall 2014.