Cognitive psychology is the study of how we sense and interpret information from the world around us, incorporate this new information with our prior experiences, and determine how to respond to an ever-changing environment. While the main purpose of this course was to introduce students to the scientific study of the mind, students also began to understand the central role cognition plays in our everyday lives.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fall 2018

PSYC 230 Syllabus



Georgetown University, Spring 2014

PSY 130 Syllabus Spr14

 GU Evals Spr14



George Washington University, Spring 2013

PSY 2014 Syllabus Spr13

GWU Evals Sp13


Students ratings from George Washington University (blue) and Georgetown University (yellow) were high for both the course and the instructor.  At GWU, ratings exceeded the department mean for Gateway courses (green).