“Coming into this workshop series, I labeled myself as a good-but-not-great mentor. I quickly learned that I had so much more to learn than I realized. The series was packed with practical, useful resources; educational materials; and valuable insights from a community of peers. One of the most engaging aspects was brainstorming responses as a group to real mentoring challenges faced by different members.”

  • JP Powers, P&N Graduate Student


“This workshop was such an incredible resource, and Brenda & Kendra were great leaders! You could tell how much they cared about mentoring. I learned so much, and I have gained the confidence to have sometimes difficult conversations with mentees. I went from wanting to be a good mentor, but not knowing how to articulate it, to writing a mentoring philosophy that I am really proud of. What I learned here has completely transformed my approach to mentorship, and I feel empowered to continue learning and growing. Mentorship is at the heat of science as an apprenticeship, so I feel like this workshop should be required of every mentor (or anyone who wants to be one)!”

  • Shataakshi Dube, Neurobiology Graduate Student


“Through this workshop, I was able to more concretely think about my current mentoring practices and identify the areas I need to improve in. It was very helpful to gain language on the topic so I can better evaluate myself.

My favorite aspects were having a wealth of resources to refer to in the future. It also got me to do my own Googling to seek out even more resources now that I know this stuff is out there.

It’s also been really great to have a network of people who are passionate and mindful about improving their mentoring who I can have thoughtful discussions with.

I will be more intentional in my mentoring practices.”

  • Eva Gjorgieva, P&N Graduate Student


“This entire workshop was incredibly effective at helping me think more about my current mentorship style. The group discussion was great for inspiring new ideas. Forcing me to physically write down each aspect of my mentoring style helped me confront what had been fairly amorphous ideas and beliefs. This will help me develop a more regularized and well-balanced mentoring style. I’m excited to implement a whole host of strategies and ideas for my current and soon-to-be mentees.

  • Matthew Bachman, P&N Graduate Student


“This workshop has been incredibly valuable to understanding and implementing inclusive, thoughtful, and effective strategies to not only mentor people through science but also partly through being a good human. I have learned so many tractable techniques to improve my communication and foster deep scientific relationships.

  • Abby Hsing, P&N Graduate Student


This workshop took a bunch of random ideas and philosophies I had floating around in my head about mentorship and showed me ways to concretely develop and implement in a clear, organized manner.

My favorite part was learning from everyone else in the workshop and hearing their great ideas/learning from their experiences.”

  • Anastasia Gromova, Neurobiology Visiting Graduate Student