Motivated Cognition and Aging Brain Laboratory
Undergraduate and Post-baccalaureate Research Assistants
Co-Mentored with Gregory Samanez-Larkin

Jennifer Crawford (Graduate Student in the Cognitive Control and Psychopathology Lab at Wash U)

Poster @ DACC 2017 & CNS 2017: Effects of age on extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptor availability are overestimated without partial volume correction



Nickolas Brooks (Lab Manager for the Crockett Lab at Yale)

Poster @ SNE 2015 and Senior Thesis: Neural Subjective Value Representations Depend on Decision Features: Delay, Physical Effort, and Probability Discounting



Catherine Holland (Lab Manager for Cushman and Greene Labs at Harvard)

Poster @ SNE 2015: Age differences in discounting of time, probability, and effort across monetary, social and health domains 



Women in Science at Yale 
Graduate Research Students