Motivated Cognition and Aging Brain Laboratory
Undergraduate, Post-baccalaureate and Graduate Research Assistants
Co-Mentored with Gregory Samanez-Larkin

Morgan Taylor (Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke)

Morgan joined the lab this fall and will be working on diffusion tensor imaging data.




Sade Abidoun (Post-bacc Research Coordinator)

Poster @ SNE 2018: Time Preferences Across Adulthood.

Poster @ SANS 2019: Subjective responses to dynamic socioemotional incentives across adulthood



Eliana Amora Langoni  (Lab Manager)

Poster @ SANS 2019: Adult Age Differences in Subjective Responses to Dynamic Socioemotional Incentives




Galen McAllister (Psychology at USC)

Poster @ SNE 2017: Individual Differences in Dopamine Receptor Availability Are Not Associated with Preferences for Time, Probability, or Effort Across Adulthood



Mikella Green (Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke)

Poster @ SNE 2017: Individual Differences in Loss Aversion and Preferences for Skewed Risks Across Adulthood



Zack Spiera (Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital)

Senior Thesis: Associations Between White Matter Structural Integrity and Dopamine Binding Potentials Throughout Healthy Human Adult Aging