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Selected Papers

“How Does Social Capital Grow? A Seven-Year Study of Villages in India.” 2007. Journal of Politics, 69 (4): 941-56.

“Understanding, Measuring and Utilizing Social Capital: Clarifying Concepts and Presenting a Field Application from India.” 2004. Agricultural Systems, 82, 291-305.

“Civil Society and Public Sector Institutions: More than a Zero-Sum Relationship.” 2004. With Norman Uphoff. Public Administration and Development, 24, 357-72.

“Moving from the Stock of Social Capital to the Flow of Benefits: The Role of Agency.” 2001. World Development, 29 (6), 925-43, lead article.

“Creating and Harnessing Social Capital.” 2000. In Partha Dasgupta and Ismail Serageldin, eds., Social Capital: A Multifaceted Perspective. Washington, DC: The World Bank.

“Enhancing Political Participation in Democracies: What Is the Role of Social Capital?” 2002. Comparative Political Studies, 36 (4), 437-460.