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Selected Papers

* denotes working paper

Overall Findings

“Reversal of Fortune: Why Preventing Poverty Beats Curing It.” 2006. Foreign Policy, May/June.

“For Reducing Poverty Faster: Target Reasons before People.” 2007. World Development, 35 (11): 1947-60.

“Who Became Poor, Who Escaped Poverty, and Why? Developing and Using a Retrospective Methodology in Five Countries.” 2010. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 29 (2): 351-72.



“How Much Can Asset Transfer Help the Poorest? Evaluating the Results of BRAC’s Ultra-Poor Programme (2002-2008)”)*

With Meri Poghosyan and Narayan Das. Journal of Development Studies, 48 (2): 184-97.


“Falling Into Poverty: The Other Side of Poverty Reduction.” 2003. Economic and Political Weekly, Bombay, India, February 8.

“Characteristics and Patterns of Intergenerational Poverty Traps and Escapes in Rural North India.” 2012. Development Policy Review, 30 (5): 617-40.

“The Balance of All Things: Explaining Household Poverty Dynamics in 50 Villages of Gujarat, India.” 2008. With Jesse Lecy. International Journal of Multiple Research Methods, 2 (2): 160-75.

Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor: Who Gains, Who Loses, and Why?
World Development; Jan2004, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p12

WHY GROWTH IS NOT ENOUGH: Household Poverty Dynamics in Northeast Gujarat, India. Forthcoming in Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 41, No. 7 (October 2005) (Awarded the Annual Dudley Seers Memorial Prize)

Examining Pathways Out of and Into Poverty in 36 Villages of Andhra Pradesh, India. World Development, Volume 34, Issue 2, Part Special Issue (pp. 324-404).

The Irrelevance of National Strategies? Rural Poverty Dynamics in States and Regions of India, 1993-2005*
2011. World Development, 39 (4): 533-49.

Poverty Knowledge and Poverty Action in India*



Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor in 20 Kenyan Villages.
Journal of Human Development; Jul2004, Vol. 5 Issue 2, p211

Pathways Out of Poverty in Western Kenya and the Role of Livestock*

“Understanding Poverty Dynamics in Kenya”. 2010. With Patricia Kristjanson, Nelson Mango, Nancy Johnson, and Maren Radeny. Journal of International Development, 22 (7): 978-96.



“Poverty Dynamics and the Role of Livestock in the Peruvian Andes.”*
2007. With Patricia Kristjanson, Maren Radeny, Judith Kuan, Gustavo Quilca, Alicia Sanchez-Urrelo, and C. Leon-Velarde. Agricultural Systems, (94), 294-308.

“Fixing the Hole in the Bucket: Household Poverty Dynamics in Forty Communities of the Peruvian Andes.” 2006. With Patricia Kristjanson, Judith Kwan, Gustavo Quilca, Maren Radeny, and Alicia Sanchez-Urrelo. Development and Change, 37 (5), 997-1021.



Escaping Poverty and Becoming Poor in 36 Villages of Central and Western. The Journal of Development Studies, Volume 42, Issue 2, Feb 2006, Pages 346 – 370.


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