Nan atik sa a, ansyen prezidan Aristide pale sou enpòtans edikasyon pou n rive rekonstwi Ayiti.  Li di edikasyon enpòtan anpil pou n rive rekonstwi Ayiti. Se pou sa,  li fè konnen lè li tounen ann Ayiti, li pral travay nan zafè edikasyon.

On my return to Haiti by Jean-Bertrand Aristide (The Guardian)

Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January last year destroyed up to 5,000 schools and 80% of the country’s already weak university infrastructure. The primary school in Port-au-Prince that I attended as a small boy collapsed with more than 200 students inside. The weight of the state nursing school killed 150 future nurses. The state medical school was levelled. The exact number of students, teachers, professors, librarians, researchers, academics and administrators lost during those 65 seconds that irrevocably changed Haiti will never be known. But what we do know is that it cannot end there.