Teaching Philosophy

An enriched learning experience begins with an engaging instructor who inspires scientific inquiry. Each student deserves an instructor who accommodates a variety of learning styles and a mentor who provides an inclusive, diverse, united community of scholars. I believe this is achieved through careful class preparation, adaptable instruction, and an overall dedication to developing the next generation of professionals and scientists.

Introduction to Biopsychology

I co-instructed Introduction to Biopsychology at the University of Notre Dame. I taught neuron structure and function, psychopharmacology, neuroanatomy of vision and audition, and ethics in animal research.

In addition to organized lectures and in-class discussions, I arranged for cognitive neuroscientist, Amy Belfi, to visit the University of Notre Dame and deliver a guest lecture on her research investigating the neural mechanisms of aesthetic perception of music to provide the students with a more in-depth view of human audition.

I was excited to receive the Psychology Graduate Teaching Award for teaching this class. Thank you to the students and the Psychology Department for this great honor!