The Kinesin-7 Family

The Kinesin-7 (formerly CENP-E) family members are prominent candidates for powering one or more aspects of chromosome movement in mitosis. CENP-E is an integral component of kinetochore corona fibers that link centromeres to spindle microtubules and localizes to kinetochores throughout all phases of mitotic chromosome movement (early premetaphase through anaphase A) (see K. Wood et al, Cell 91, 357-366 1997). The Kinesin-7 family tree was found using the heuristic search method of PAUP v4.0b10 (Swofford, 2002), a maximum parsimony program, and random stepwise addition. The tree is one of two optimal trees that resulted from 600 trees that were built. The bootstrap value adjacent to the node is the percentage of 1,810 heuristic bootstrap trials in which the indicated group was found. The tree contains Kinesin-7 proteins from humans and several model organisms.

Species/protein Molecular mass (kDa) Motor polarity & velocity Subcellular localization Comments
D. melanogaster Cmeta centromere/kinetochore region
D. melanogaster Cana centromere/kinetochore region
H. sapien CENPE (plus-end, 5.1 um/min)* centromere/kinetochore region
A. thaliana ZCF125
A. thaliana F14P13.22

*XCENP-E (Woods et al., Cell 91, 357-366 1997)

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