Morone Saxatilis


Key to labels used in the table:
Entries highlighted in yellow have not yet been analyzed to determine the relatedness of the protein to other kinesin proteins. These sequences are denoted TBD, indicating that the family assignment has yet to be determined. Partial motor domain sequences are indicated in the table with an F (for fragment). The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID




also known as

Morone saxatilis
(striped bass)
FKIF1 U34653 1166640 F 145
FKIF2 U64819 1762638 Orphan (ungrouped) 773
FKIF3 U34655 1399016 F 151
FKIF4 U34656 1399018 F 146
FKIF5 U34657 1166642 F 145
FKIF6 U34658 1399020 F 145
FKIF8 U34659 1399022 F 151
FKIF9 U34660 1399024 F 145

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