Leishmania Major

Key to labels used in the table:
Entries highlighted in yellow have not yet been analyzed to determine the relatedness of the protein to other kinesin proteins. These sequences are denoted TBD, indicating that the family assignment has yet to be determined. Entries for which genomic sequence is available are indicated by the label G. The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID




also known as

Leishmania major LmKin AC003011 2978452 O60964 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) 668 L549.3, MCAK
LmL374.01 AL133425 6562643 TBD G 1128
LmL4520.01 AL117268 5852142 TBD G 1099
LmL4520.02 AL117268 5852143 TBD G 2273
LmL4768.04 AL132763 6165386 TBD G 1301
LmL6066.08 AL157416 7018583 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 829
LmL6586.07 AL049768 6855413 Orphan (ungrouped) G 656
LmL8325.12 AL157415 7018573 TBD G 1254
LmL8530.03 AL449123 11071678 TBD G 956

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