Kinesin Methods

Construction of Plasmids

    Mutants, Chimeras and Truncated Motors.

Expression and Purification of Kinesin Motors

    Bacterial Expression of Motors
    Purification of Ncd Motor Domain Protein
    Purification of KHC Motor Domain Protein
    Purification of Kar3 Motor Domain Protein

ATPase Assays

Steady-State ATPase Assays
Single Turnover ATPase Assays
ATP-Binding/Hydrolysis Assays

Microtubule Binding Assays
Pelleting Assays

Motility Assays

Motility using VE-DIC Microscopy
Motility with Fluorescent MTs
Motor Polarity using Fluorescent MTs
Motor Polarity with Axoneme-MTs
Single Motor Assays
Landing Assays


Tubulin Preparation
Microtubule Assembly
Axoneme Preparation
Axoneme-microtubule Preparation

GPP As A Tag

Single Motor Assay
In Vivo Studies


Crystallization Trials
Motor Crystalization Conditions

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