Kinesin Light Chain Sequences

Kinesin Light Chain Proteins listed by Organism

Organism ProteinGenBank
Caenorhabditis elegansCeKlc1 Z29644
CeM72 Z68337

Drosophila melanogasterDmKlcL11013 P46824
Gallus gallus (chicken)GgKlcU48359
Homo sapiens (human) HsKlcL04733Q07866
HsErcc2 L47234
Loligo pealii (squid) LpKlc1L24440P46825
LpKlc2 L24441(P46825)
Mus musculus (mouse) MmErcc2L47235
Rattus norvegicusRnKlcA M75146(P37285)
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (sea urchin)SpKlc1 L10233 Q05090
SpKlc2 L10234 (Q05090)
SpKlc3 L10235 (Q05090)
SpKlc4 L08258 (Q05090)

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