Homo sapiens

Key to labels used in the table: Entries highlighted in yellow have not yet been analyzed to determine the relatedness of the protein to other kinesin proteins. These sequences are denoted TBD, indicating that the family assignment has yet to be determined. Partial motor domain sequences are indicated in the table with an F (for fragment). The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID




also known as



Homo sapiens
HsATSV X90840 2497523 Q12756 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1690 KIF1A ATSV
HsKIF1B AB011163 3043706 O60333 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1338 KIAA0591
HsCENP-E Z15005 399227 Q02224 Kinesin-7 (CENP-E) 2663 CENPE
HsCMKrp D26361 452517 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1648 KIAA0042
HsCHO2 AL021366 3702453 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 673 HSET, cICK0721Q.3, KIFC1 KNSL2 Hs20830Hs107187
HsGAKIN AF279865 8896164 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1826
HsuKHC X65873 417216 P33176 Kinesin-1 (KHC) 963 PDB:1BG2 KIF5B Hs149436
HsnKHC U06698 2497520 Q12840 Kinesin-1 (KHC) 1032 KIF5A Hs192760Hs255557
HsxKHC AB011103 3043586 O60282 Kinesin-1 (KHC) 957 KIAA0531 KIF5C Hs6641
HsKid AB017430 4519443 Kinesin 10 665 KNSL4[G] KNSL4
HsKIF1C AB014606 3913961 O43896 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1103 KIAA0706 KIF1C Hs211611
HsKIF3A AF041853 3851492 Q9Y496 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) 702 KIF3A Hs43670
HsKIF3B AB002357 3913958 O15066 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) 747 KIF3B Hs168212
HsKIF3C AF035621 3913957 O43544 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) 793 KIF3C Hs21611
HsKIF4 AF071592 7266951 O95239 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) 1232 Hs27437
HsKIF9 AF311212 11275982 Orphan (ungrouped) 725
HsKIFC3 BC001211 12654739 O75299 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 694 KIFC3 Hs23131
HsKin2 Y08319 3024057 O00139 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) 679 KIF2 KIF2 Hs113319
HsKSP U37426 1706622 P52732 Kinesin-5 (BimC) 1056 Eg5 KNSL1
HsMCAK U63743 1695882 Q99661 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) 725 KNSL6 Hs69360
HsMKLP1 X67155 400264 Q02241 Kinesin-6 (MKLP1) 960
HsKlp6q27 AB012723 4115553 Orphan (ungrouped) 384 KNSL3
HsJ777L9 AL049794 6522736 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 412 HsKIF16B COL06818
HsKlpMPP1 AL117496 5911999 Unnamed group with HsRabK6 1780
HsKIAA1236 AB033062 6330751 Unnamed group with HsLOC343489 1481
HsKIAA1405 AB037826 7243191 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) F 791
HsNYREN62 AF155117 5360129 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) 633 COL00777
HsRabK6 AF070672 3978240 O95235 Unnamed group with HsKlpMPP1 890
HsRBKIN1 AY014403 11761611 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1805 HsKIN13A
HsDKFZp434 AL136819 12053149 Orphan (ungrouped) 898 KIF18
HsKlp7 NM_020242 NP_064627 Orphan (ungrouped) 1388
HsLOC8464 NM_032559 NP_115948 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) 673 HsKlp17q22
HsFLJ3730 NM_153209.1 NP_694941 Orphan (ungrouped) 548
HsLOC34389 XM_291594.1 XP_291594 Unnamed group with HsKIAA1236 512
KIF12 NM_138424.1 NP_612433 TBD 513
KIF16A AB001425 BAA22385.1 TBD F 160 seq. truncated, missing HVPYR motif
KIF8 AB001436 BAA22396.1 Kinesin-5 (BimC) F 185 seq. truncated, missing HVPYR motif
KIF7 AB001435 BAA22395.1 TBD F 168 seq. truncated, missing HVPYR motif
KIF18B AB054025 BAB32489.1 TBD F 149 seq. truncated, missing HVPYR motif
LOC347363 XM_293299.1 BAB32489.1 TBD 304 seq. missing ATP binding site & HVPYR motif

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