Caenorhabditis elegans

Key to labels used in the table: The entries shown below are likely to comprise the complete complement of kinesin proteins in C. elegans, based on DNA sequence analysis of its genome. Entries for which genomic sequence is available are indicated by the label GUncertain indicates that the entry may be a kinesin motor domain homologue, but it lacks crucial amino acid residues that would make it a functional kinesin. The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID




also known as


Caenorhabditis elegans CeKHC L19120 439590 P34540 Kinesin-1 (KHC) 815 CeR05D3.7[G] unc116
CeOsm3 D38632 2506793 P46873 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) G 672 CeM02B7.3[G], CeY37E11a[G], CeY44C8[G] osm3
CeUnc104 M58582 549143 P23678 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) 1584 CeC52E12.2[G] unc104
CeKlp3 Z36753 1176597 P45962 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 598 CeT09A5.2 klp3
CeC06G3.2 U61947 1397269 Orphan (ungrouped) G 932 CeKlp10CeY43B11[G], Ceklp-18 C06G3.2
CeC41G7.2 Z81048 3874906 Q93366 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 587 Ceklp-16 C41G7.2
CeF20C5.2 Z68161 3876118 Q19633 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) G 1130 Ceklp-11 klp11
CeF23B12.8 Z77659 3876320 Kinesin-5 (BimC) G 958 CeY49A3[G] F23B12.8
CeF56E3.3 U41536 1109842 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) G 1576 CeKlp4 klp4
CeLC33H5.4 U41007 1086599 Orphan (ungrouped) G 690 CeKlp10 klp10
CeLF22F4.3 U53343 1255882 Uncertain G 595 CeKlp13 klp13
CeLR144.1 U23515 746493 Kinesin-3 (Unc104) G 928 CeY54H5[G] klp6
CeK11D9.c Z92807 3878522 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) G 747 CeY39A1[G] K11D9.1
CeM01E11.6 U80450 1707073 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 587 Ceklp-15 M01E11.6
CeM03D4.1b U61955 1397342 Kinesin-6 (MKLP1) G 772 CeZen4 zen4
CeT01G1.b Z92811 3877579 O17887 Kinesin-4 (Chrkin/KIF4) G 1893 Ceklp-12 klp12
CeW02B12.7 Z66521 3880432 Q23124 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 605 CeY62F5[G], Ceklp-17 klp17
CeY43F4B.6 AL021481 3880931 O45935 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) G 1083 Y43F4B.6
CeY50D7.n NP_497178 Kinesin-2 (KRP85/95) G Klp20

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