Axoneme-MTs moving on Kinesin-1 bound to a coverslip

Axoneme-MT complexes were assembled with the axoneme fragment (denser region) at the minus end of the complex and the microtubule at the plus ends. The axoneme-MT complexes attach to purified bovine brain Kinesin-1 bound to a glass coverslip and move with the axoneme (minus) ends leading. Because Kinesin-1 is immobilized on the glass surface and the axoneme-MTs are moving on the immobilized motor, movement of the complexes with the axoneme leading shows that Kinesin-1 moves on microtubules towards the plus ends. The sequence shows two axoneme-MTs, both moving with the axoneme leading, and a single microtubule without an axoneme. The sequence has been speeded up by 12.5X real time. For further information regarding Kinesin-1 motility, go to the motility page. Contributed by Sharyn Endow and Hebok Song.

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