Arabidopsis thaliana

Key to labels used in the table: Entries for which genomic sequence is available are indicated by the label G. The new family names are shown in the table with the former family names in parentheses. The families denoted At1 and At2 contain only Arabidopsis kinesins and have not been yet given new family names. This is also true of the “unnamed” families.


Protein name

GenBank ID

Protein ID




also known as

Arabidopsis thaliana AtKatA D11371 1170619 Q07970 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 793 AtF7J7.210[G]
AtKatB D21137 1170620 P46864 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 745 AtT24A18.130[G], At4g27180
AtKatC D21138 1170621 P46875 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 754 AtK5F14[G]
AtKCBP L40358 1237102 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 1261 AtZWICHEL[G]
AtKatD AF080249 3421378 O81635 Kinesin-14 (C-term) 987 AtIG002P16.12[G]
AtKRP125a AC005896 4056495 Kinesin-5 (BimC) G 1022 AtF3G5.21, At2g37420
AtKRP125b AC006921 4510356 P82266 Kinesin-5 (BimC) G 1056 AtF2H17.19, At2g36200
AtKRP125c AC007171 4580395 Kinesin-5 (BimC) G 1076 AtT8O18.9, At2g28620
AtZCF125 AB028468 6526975 Kinesin-7 (CENP-E) 823 AtT30E16.n[G]
At4g05190 AL161503 7267279 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 777 AtC17L7.110
AtPAKRP1 AF193768 8745335 O23274 Unnamed group with AtMAL21.19, AtMDB19.17 G 1292 AtFCA0.24[G]
AtFCA1.2 Z97336 2244790 O23291 Orphan (ungrouped) G 959
AtF3K23.6 AC006841 4567265 At1 G 581 At2g21300
AtF3K23.14 AC006841 4567271 At2 G 857 At2g21380
AtF7K15.60 AL353871 7649361 At1 G 932
AtF11C1.80 AL132976 6523035 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) G 1075
AtF12B17.180 AL353995 7671456 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1273 TH65
AtF14P13.9 AC009400 6056195 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 897
AtF14P13.22 AC009400 6056206 Kinesin-7 (CENP-E) G 459
AtF15H18.10 AC013354 6714287 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1162
AtF15H18.12 AC013354 6714288 At1 G 1003
AtF16L2.60 AL162459 7339486 Kinesin-5 (BimC) G 1058
AtF19H22.50 AL035679 4539314 At1 G 834
AtF19H22.150 AL035679 4539324 At2 G 1121
AtF24D7.17 AC011622 6456171 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1056
AtF24M12.190 AL132980 6562267 At1 G 968
AtF25P22.28 AC012679 6692749 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1050 AtF2P9.27
AtF28P10.150 AL049655 4678306 Unnamed group with AtF5011.15, AtF22M8.8 G 1070
AtMAA21.110 AL163818 7573331 Orphan (ungrouped) G 439
AtT1E22.130 AL162874 7406433 Orphan (ungrouped) G 664
AtT5A14.3 AC005223 4204259 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 887
AtT9C5.240 AL132964 6561965 Orphan (ungrouped) G 813
AtT9I22.5 AC006340 4314358 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1068 At2g22610
AtT12M4.14 AC003114 3249113 O80491 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1032
AtT15B3.190 AL163975 7594566 Unnamed group with AtK13E13.17, AtMGD8.20 G 1229
AtT19F6.160 AL109619 5668645 At1 G 1263 At4g24170
AtT30B22.20 AC002535 2529677 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 861 At4g47500
AtT32N15.10 AC002534 2392771 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 767
AtF22M8.8 NM_100075 NP_171697 Unnamed group with AtF5011.15, AtF28P10.150 G 894 At1g01950
AtF8K7.17 NM_102022 NP_173592 At2 G 890 At1g21730
AtF5011.15 NM_101115 NP_563908 Unnamed group with AtF22M8.8, AtF28P10.150 G 919 At1g12340
AtT20H2.17 NM_101860 NP_173434 Orphan (ungrouped) G 951 At1g20060
AtMGL6.9 NM_180267 NP_850598 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) G 794 At3g16630
AtMGD8.20 NM_112614 NP_188362 Unnamed group with AtK13E13.17, AtT15B3.190 G 2008 At3g17360
AtK13E13.17 NM_112791 NP_188535 Unnamed group with AtMGD8.20, AtT15B3.190 G 2700 At3g19050
AtMAL21.18 NM_112791 NP_188650 Unnamed group with AtPAKRP1, AtMDB19.17 G 1094 At3g20150
AtMSL1.9 NM_112476 NP_566534 Kinesin-13 (MCAK/KIF2) G 684 At3g16060
AtMDB19.17 NM_113271 NP_189009 Unnamed group with AtMAL21.18, AtPAKRP1 G 1313 At3g23670
AtMDH9.19 NM_123614 NP_199064 At1 G 1087 At5g42490
AtMNA5.20 NM_125944 NP_201349 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1281 At5g65460
AtF25I16.11 NM_101713 NP_173290 Orphan (ungrouped) G 799 At1g18550
AtT21B14.15e NM_112036 NP_187809 At2 G 1030 At3g12020
AtMSL3.5 NM_125486 NP_200901 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) G 1294 At5g60930
AtK1L20.9 NM_126029 NP_201432 At1 G 1063 At5g66310
AtK1013.11 NM_126029 NP_198947 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 961 At5g41310
AtF15M7.20 NM_126029 NP_196285 At2 G 992 At5g06670
AtMCA23.16 NM_124156 NP_199593 Kinesin-4 (ChrKin/KIF4) G 1035 At5g47820
AtT9N14.6 NM_105884 NP_177370 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 1195 At1g72250
AtMRO11.5 NM_105884 NP_197779 Orphan (ungrouped) G 665 At5g23910
AtF15F15.20 NM_105884 NP_197779 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 625 At5g27950
AtF15A18.10 NM_105884 NP_198107 Kinesin-14 (C-term) G 425 At5g27550

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