Kathryn earned her PhD in Nutrition from the Department of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia, and is mentored by Dr. Connie W. Bales in the Nutrition Laboratory at the Center for Aging. Her postdoctoral research focusing on examining the influences of diet and exercise interventions in older adults for two randomized clinical trials. One examines metabolic responses to exercise alone (differing in amount and intensity) and exercise plus weight loss, and she will be focusing on age-related differences in metabolic responses in these pre-diabetic subjects, looking at changes in insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome scores, body composition, intervention adherence, reported energy intake, and nutrient intake. She also works on a weight loss intervention trial in “fat and frail” older adults that uses protein supplementation to help protect lean body mass; functional status and lean body mass are the primary outcomes in this trial. Kathryn is also a Registered Dietitian and received her Certificate in Gerontology at the University of Georgia’s Institute of Gerontology.