Bird-Window Collision Project 

  • Description: This project involves researching bird collisions with the windows of buildings. We are primarily focusing on examining building characteristics and their relation with bird collisions, different weather types and their relation to the bird collision rate, and wind speed at certain areas of buildings and its correlation with strikes.
  • Relation to GC focus: It relates to the GC focus because one way to improve urban infrastructure is to make it better mesh with the wildlife and environment around it. By researching what aspects of buildings relate to bird collisions, I can find new ways to modify buildings to decrease the amount of collisions and thus lessen the impacts on the environment.
  • Supervisor/Instructor name: Nicolette Cagle
  • Dates: Spring semester 2019
  • Total hours:  3-5 hours per week

CEE 315 + Bolivia Pedestrian Bridge Project 

  • Description: During this project, I took the class CEE 315 for one semester in order to research and plan the project that I completed in Bolivia in summer of 2018. During the CEE 315 class, my group and I researched different types of bridge design, chose a design type and then learned to understand the significance of every aspect of the design concepts. We then fully designed the bridge in AutoCAD. This design was used to construct a pedestrian footbridge in a rurally isolated community in Bolivia in summer 2018.
  • Relation to GC focus: This project relates to my grand challenge focus because it involved gaining a deeper understanding of the engineering concepts behind a type of infrastructure. It is important to fully understand the technical concepts of the existing design types in order to improve upon them.
  • Supervisor/Instructor name: David Schaad
  • Dates: Spring semester 2018 + summer 2018
  • Total hours:  3-5 hours per week during school year, 24/7 during summer for 8 weeks.

Energy and the Environment: Design and Innovation (Bass Connections)

  • Description: This course is the capstone for the energy and the environment certificate. I was part of a research team working to develop a Stirling engine model that runs off low-grade sources of waste heat in the built environment, such as hot pavement, laundromats, data centers, and solar PV panels. We worked to develop engineering models, implementation plans, and business ideas for this engine prototype.
  • Relation to GC focus: This project relates to my focus because it involved researching and developing a new technology to help improve the built environment and society by both reducing waste heat and producing emission free energy. Through projects like this, we can improve upon the existing technologies in order to better urban environments.
  • Supervisor/Instructor name: Emily Klein
  • Dates: Fall and Spring semester 2019-2020
  • Total hours:  About 4 hours a week in the fall (half credit), and 8 in the spring (full credit)