My name is Kate White and I’m a recent graduate of Duke University majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering  and completing the Energy and the Environment and Global Development Engineering certificates. I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I want to be a Grand Challenge Scholar because I want to take full advantage of all the opportunities at Duke to learn to approach the world’s problems with an open-mind and global understanding. It is important, as an engineer, to understand not only the technical components of the projects, but also the larger cultural,  environmental, political, social and economical aspects.

I am passionate about the challenge, Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure, because I am interested in approaching development in a manner that takes advantage of the natural processes of the world, avoiding environmental and cultural destruction.

Fast Facts

  • Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Certificates: Energy and the Environment, Global Development Engineering
  • Class of 2020
  • Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • GCS Advisor: David Schaad
  • GC Focus: Restoring and Improving Urban Infrastructure