The Joint Venture University (JVU) Administrators Group started as an e-mail contact list between a small group of administrators at the universities listed on the Members page, for the purpose of sharing information and ideas. The group aims to meet the needs of mid-level administrators (for example, associate directors, directors, associate deans, deans, faculty development administrators, CTL administrators) who are not as well served as upper-level administrators by existing organizations.

Short Term Objectives of the group are:

  • To expand the membership by inviting colleagues, continue to maintain an e-mail list and invite other JVUs to participate.
  • To share ideas and best practices to do with faculty and staff professional development.
  • To provide opportunities for faculty to connect for networking and/or possible mentorship or collaboration opportunities.
  • To develop ways to collaboratively recruit students, particularly into graduate programs, for interested universities.
  • To develop ways to offer mutually-agreeable student research exchange programs between interested universities.
  • To offer opportunities to students to present their research to external audiences