Nonviolent Risk Assessment in Virginia Sentencing

A Report to the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission

In this Report, John Monahan, Alex Jakubow, and Brandon Garrett describe analysis of Virginia data concerning risk assessment used for persons convicted of Larceny, Fraud, Drug Schedule I/II, and Drug/Other in Fiscal 2016.



Actual Innocence and Wrongful Convictions

A contribution to the Academy for Justice Report

This Chapter, published in the Academy for Justice, A Report on Scholarship and Criminal Justice Reform (Erik Luna ed., 2018) describes a revolution in criminal procedure and in law and science research, in response to wrongful convictions

Amicus Brief

McPhaul v. State

This amicus brief, described in this story, filed on behalf of twenty-six leading forensic analysts, statisticians, and researchers, advocated for careful analysis of the reliable application of fingerprint methods to the facts in a case