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The Prison Reform Bill’s Implementation Will Be Tricky – Brandon Garrett’s recent piece in Slate

The First Step Act, the federal prison reform bill that President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday, represents a bipartisan and major effort at making the criminal justice system fairer. This step will only be a baby step, however, if the engine that drives the entire piece of legislation—risk assessments of federal prisoners’ likelihood to reoffend—is not used carefully and with sound scientific and public oversight.

Using the Constitution to End Punishment of the Poor – Brandon Garrett’s piece in Law360

The use of government to disproportionately tax the poor through fines, fees and costs, resulting in incarceration, loss of driver’s licenses, loss of the right to vote, loss of housing, and loss of employment, will hopefully start to erode. A new wave of litigation and policy reform can help to bring the constitutional connection between equality and due process new life.