Narratives drive social change. Narratives call people to action. Narratives bring people together. The power of a narrative is often overlooked in matters of policy and community affairs.

Just Listen is an initiative focused on using performance art to engage Durham community members, current and future policymakers, and the general public with narratives from within the Durham community.

We are currently working with local high school students to develop and articulate their personal stories. We will share these stories, and others from the community, in a two-part program including: 1) an original theatrical production, featuring singing, dance, spoken word, visual art, and video, and 2) an interactive gallery of narratives shared by students and families from across Durham.

Just Listen is a collaborative effort involving individuals and groups from across the Durham community, including students from local high schools and universities. We hope Just Listen will provide a creative forum for community members, students, and influential leaders to engage with each other and hear authentic narratives from the community.

Narratives are powerful. Just Listen will provide a space for people to listen and experience that power.