Classes that I can teach

I have substantial experience teaching microeconomics, including game theory, along with undergraduate macroeconomics.

I am also qualified to teach courses in applied microeconomics, such as industrial organization and labor economics, and courses in mathematical methods for economics.

I would be particularly excited to teach courses in model-writing and on applied microeconomic theory at the advanced undergraduate level.


Classes where I was an instructor

Eco 111: Principles of  Economics Fall 2018 / Spring 2019
Instructor, Elon University, Economics Department

An introduction to the fundamentals of both microeconomics and macroeconomics, including supply and demand, the theory of the firm, consumer behavior, macroeconomic equilibrium, unemployment and inflation. The course also introduces students to economic methodology, including creating arguments, empirical verification and policy decision-making.

Econ 190M: Game Theory Summer 2019
Instructor, Duke University, Economics Department

A non-technical introduction to game theory, including normal and extensive form games, Nash equilibrium, subgame perfection, pure and mixed strategies, among many other topics. Students are asked not just to solve games, but to use game theory to analyze the world around them.

Classes where I was a teaching assistant

Econ 701/705: Microeconomics Analysis I/II Fall 2015 / Spring 2016
Teaching Assistant, Duke University, Economics Department

This is the microeconomics PhD sequence at Duke University. I was the teaching assistant to Philipp Sadowski, Curtis Taylor, and Todd Sarver.

Econ 201D: Intermediate Microeconomics I Fall 2019
Head Teaching Assistant, Duke University, Economics Department

This is the non-calculus intermediate microeconomics course at Duke University. I was the head teaching assistant to Chelsea Garber and Pat Bayer.