Since I began my training as an economist, I have always been conscious of the privileged education I have received. Coming from a small town in Peru, I have always done my best to learn as much as I could from every instructor I have ever had, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. I consider teaching not only as a serious responsibility but as a great opportunity to give back for the fortunes I have encountered in my academic formation. In my experience as student, teaching assistant and instructor, I have come to the realization that a good teacher is the one that inspires students to continue learning beyond the scope of the class. In order to achieve this goal, my teaching includes four main components: (i) an organized and clear transmission of knowledge (ii) which allows students to interact with the material, (iii) relates it to hypothetical and real-world situations and (iv) finally, incorporates it into their own career development.

Teaching Statement (PDF version)

Teaching Experience

Duke University Durham, NC, USA
Teaching Assistant Fall 2014
Econometrics (Undergraduate)
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Evaluations) Barcelona, Spain
Teaching Assistant Fall 2011
Economic Theory (Graduate)
Teaching Assistant Spring 2011
Industrial Organization (Undergraduate)
Teaching Assistant Spring 2011
Introduction to Macroeconomics (Undergraduate)
Applied Sciences Peruvian University Lima, Peru
Instructor Fall & Spring 2008
Introduction to Economics (Undergraduate)
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Lima, Peru
Teaching Assistant 2006 – 2007
Microeconomics (Undergraduate)
Teaching Assistant Fall 2005
Stata for Economists (Undergraduate)