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Entrepreneurship is critical to engineering better medicines. Without startups to traverse the lengthy regulation, testing, and manufacturing process, medical technologies will never reach patients. Many of my experiences have touched on entrepreneurship, especially my Bass Connections project on developing a low-cost, accessible laparoscope. That project aims to develop into a real startup once the device is finalized. I have attended lectures from Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and I hope to take a class in their department before I graduate. My main exposure to medical device entrepreneurship came during my freshman summer, at TMC Innovation.

TMC Innovation

In the summer after my freshman year, I interned with TMC Innovation, a medtech startup accelerator. During the internship, I helped interview over 30 different startups, and I reviewed the application of over 100 medical startups. Through that process, I learned a lot about the regulatory process and the stages of development for medical startups. I helped one startup, SaniNudge, evaluate around 20 competitors in their market and place their product in this competitive environment. TMC Innovation employed numerous medical professionals, scientists, and entrepreneurs, making it an unparalleled place to learn about the nuances of medical device entrepreneurship and how to take an idea from the bench to the bedside.

Hours: 400 (10 wk internship)

Supervisor: Dr. Emily Reiser

Start: May 2019

End: August 2019