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Welcome to My GCS Portfolio!


John Boom
Class of 2022
Biomedical Engineering | Chemistry
Houston, TX
Supervisor: Prof. Hashim Al-Hashimi


I’m a Junior (class of 2022) from Houston, Texas, and I’m passionate about engineering better medicines and the tools of scientific discovery. I’m double-majoring in biomedical engineering and chemistry, and course of study has  has focused on Engineering Better Medicines, one of the 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering identified by the National Academy of Engineering. My studies at Duke have combined extensive research, hands-on engineering, interdisciplinary coursework, innovative entrepreneurship, and service learning. This E-Portfolio documents all of these experiences.

I joined the Grand Challenges Scholar program because I was fascinated by its interdisciplinary approach to the biggest problems facing our society. Not only does the program ask its scholars to pursue cutting-edge research, it also encourages students to pursue entrepreneurship, explore global opportunities, and better understand ethics. This broad focus gives scholars well-rounded training to think through difficult issues and engineer innovative solutions. Moreover, Grand Challenges Scholar provides up to $5000 of research funding, which has critically enabled my research.

Take a look at the different tabs to see the different projects I’ve been a part of, and feel free to message me (John.boom@duke.edu) if you have any questions about my projects, being a Grand Challenges Scholar.