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Q: I am not Jewish or Israeli. Can I join the association?
A: Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to join us and learn, participate and/or join the cabinet and help organize our activities and events. The JBA aims to foster community across Fuqua, Duke, and Durham and spread awareness and education on Jewish culture and traditions.

Q: How easy is it to set up a new event? I had this crazy idea about a Purim party in a rooftop in Downtown Durham.
A: The association is always open to new ideas and events. Please reach out to the JBA cabinet and we’ll work with you to get the event on the calendar!

Q: Do you host events with other clubs?
A: Consistently! Within Fuqua we collaborate with AWIB, Tech Club, BLMBAO, FuquaPride, other religious and cultural groups, and more to create awesome joint events. We have also organized events with Jewish associations at Duke Law or UNC’s Kenan-Flagler in the past.