Authentic vs. Inauthentic Debate: Unno Jūza on Shinseinen

Unno Jūza

The first counter argument was made in the following issue of Shinseinen by Unno Jūza 海野十三 (1897-1949), who is considered to be a precursor of Japanese science fiction. Unno argued against Kōga, insisting that detective fiction was part of a much larger, and therefore more important, literary movement, i.e. Romanticism. In order to be true to the spirit of the movement, detective fiction should be understood as a fiction with detective tastes (tantei shumi 探偵趣味) rather than a fiction with rigid rules. This was essentially a dominant view among detective fiction writers especially for those advocating detective fiction as refined entertainment. The debate is thus not equally split between sides, since most writers favored, or rather accustomed to, the loose classification of the genre. (Saito, 73-76)
*You can read Unno’s fictional works here (full text in Japanese).