Authentic vs. Inauthentic Debate: Kigi Takatarō on Purofīru

Kigi Takatarō

Kigi Takatarō 木々高太郎, who is usually considered to be the prime proponent of artistic detective fiction strongly challenged Kōga’s proposition. Kigi admits that detective fiction has to follow a certain format, but he nevertheless argues that, contrary to Kōga, it is the fictional elements that make a story. If the fictional elements are not properly developed, the fiction with the detective elements is merely a real-life story of a detective (tantei jitsuwa 探偵実話). He argues that the proper form of detective fiction has not yet been discovered and thus what Kōga rejects as “inauthentic” in Japanese detective fiction is merely a temporal stage necessitated by the very effort of searching for an appropriate form. After Purofīru was discontinued in 1937, the debate gradually calmed down leaving authentic and inauthentic as foundational categories of 
the genre. (Saito, 78-80)