Rampo’s Comeback to Shinseinen after Halt on Writing

English translation available.

Injū” (「陰獣」; English: “The Beast in the Shadows”) is a novella often considered to be the most well crafted piece Rampo wrote in his entire career. It was originally prepared for the prestigious general magazine Kaizō (改造) but because of its exceeding the standard length for publication, it was brought to the chief editor of Shinseinen at the timeYokomizo Seishi (横溝正史), who is a canonized figure in postwar discourse of detective fictionand was published in three installments in 1928. This was also Rampo’s long promised comeback to his home magazine Shinseinen after his absence of fourteen months. The novella was enthusiastically promoted by Yokomizo, which resulted in reprinting the first installment three times—unusual not only for Shinseinen but also for detective fiction magazines at that time. (Saito, 108)