EWH in Tanzania

I was first trained in a learning center in Tanzania for Swahili, the local language, and for knowledge in repairing medical equipments. I was then paired with another student to live and work in a local hospital. We repaired the medical equipments brought to us by the hospital staffs, including nurses and physicians. Through this experience, I gained a better understanding of a foreign culture and obtained skill sets for repairing electrical as well as mechanical issues in medical instruments with limited resources.
Relation to Grand Challenge:
This project taught me to conduct needs finding in a site and design a solution in low-resource setting. This experience will allow me to investigate neural mechanisms in the direction that maximizes the long term benefits for individuals afflicted with neurological disorders in a cost-effective manner. My collaboration with local biomedical engineers as well as other international engineering student also gave me a better understanding of international collaboration on projects, which will be useful for conducting large scale studies in the future.
Supervisor: Paul Kline
Start Date: 06/11/2017
End Date: 08/13/2017
Hours: 400